UNISON’s annual Equalities Survey


Please be advised that UNISON’s annual Equalities Survey is now open, and is available for all UNISON members to take part in. The union runs this survey each year to get a more accurate picture of what members are experiencing and how best to direct campaigning and bargaining work, and other priorities.

This year’s survey includes specific questions on the cost-of-living crisis and how much this is affecting members in different ways, as well as topics covering flexible working, childcare, reasonable adjustments, domestic abuse support and other areas.

This survey is important for how UNISON measures where its work is succeeding in making workplaces more equal and fair for members, as well as identifying where improvements need to be made. The link to the survey page on the UNISON website is here:


Please complete the survey, if you can, this helps UNISON to set the Agenda, prioritise campaigns and it can also help wit pay and conditions negotiations.

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