I would like to raise the profile of some aspects of UNISON that some members may not be so aware of, and to show how the union pursues peace and justice through international solidarity.

In this instance, I attend the NDC in Brighton last year, on behalf of our branch, where one session was devoted to international issues, where we received a visit from the Turkish unions, who were seeking justice for a colleague who had been imprisoned by the government there, merely for trades union activities.

They were overwhelmed by the support from the floor and UNISON put its full weight into lobbying the Turkish government for his release. I’m really pleased to report that on 13 March, the trade unionist and longstanding friend of UNISON Gonul Erden, was released from prison in Turkey. He is a nurse and just wants to help people, so we are celebrating his release, see more below:

Trade unionist Gonul Erden released from prison in Turkey | Article | News | UNISON National

In solidarity


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