Cost Of Living Crisis


This week, Chancellor Kwasi Kwarteng confirmed further cuts of £18 billion to public services. As if austerity hasn’t created enough hardship and disruption to public services, austerity 2, is a step too far!

As cold weather sets in – and hard-working people across the country struggle to heat homes, stock kitchen cupboards and travel to work – it’s clear Kwarteng thinks oil company profits are more important than your wellbeing.

Together, we’re going to change that.

We’re building a movement to rise up against the cost of living crisis. And demand those in power fix it. That means pay rises for people who truly keep this country running, not cuts to public services.

  I will demand an end to this pay crisis  – Add your name

Together, we’re calling for an end to the pay crisis. That means raising the minimum wage to £15 an hour and giving public sector workers inflation-busting pay rises.

Nearly 80,000 people have already signed. Can you help us reach 100,000? Once we reach that goal, we’ll deliver the petition to Downing Street, so Kwarteng will see that you – and so many others – need and deserve a pay rise.

Because we know when people doing it collectively rise up and demand what they are worth, good things happen.

Yours in solidarity,

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