Environment Agency’s Pay Offer 2021 – what it means to you

£250 consolidated payment for those earning below £24,000

Consolidated means the increase will be permanently added to your salary and count towards your pension when you leave the EA.

0% consolidated rise for anyone earning above £24,000.

With the rate of inflation going up by 3.9% and the standard of living increasing it’s going to feel like a pay cut and not a pay rise.

£720 for Met Expectations, non-consolidated.

Most employees in the EA should get this, but it’s a one-off payment and NOT a salary increase and therefore won’t count towards your pension when you leave the EA.

£1,025 for Exceeded Expectations, non-consolidated.

Remember this is only limited to around 1 or 2% of the workforce even though we can all work our pants off it’s a very small number who will receive it, and it’s a one-off payment, NOT a salary increase, therefore will not count towards your pension when you leave the EA.

The Ballot

This is just a consensus and is not formal, we want to find out from our 4,000+ UNISON members in the EA if the think the Pay Offer is acceptable.

If we vote yes

We have accepted the pay offer and it should be implemented by October 2021 back dated to July 2021.

If we vote no

We reject the pay offer and formally trigger an industrial dispute with our employer.  We would then formally ballot our members on the course of action they wish to take, ie, strike action, withdrawing from non-contractual overtime, or working to rule etc.

Message from UNISON negotiators

“We are not able to recommend this offer but acknowledge that we believe this is the best offer that could be obtained by negotiation alone”.

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