If our pay doesn’t rise, we will

Branch members, in less than two weeks Liz Truss or Rishi Sunak will be our new Prime Minister.

Meanwhile, energy bosses are predicting a “catastrophic winter” and banks are predicting that inflation could hit 18% in the new year.  

Instead of promising the pay rises that can end this crisis, Liz Truss and Rishi Sunak are promising tax cuts. Tax cuts that will cost tens of billions of pounds every year, do little to help people struggling the most, and result in more cuts for our underfunded and overwhelmed public services. 

When rising prices are pushing people into poverty we rise together. So will you take a minute to email the candidates to be our next PM and make our message clear? The only way to fix the cost of living crisis is pay rises. There’s suggested text to help you.  


Liz Truss is the frontrunner to be our next PM and has promised £50 billlon in tax cuts – this would more than cover the cost of an above inflation pay rise for public service workers. A public sector pay rise could cost less, help struggling key workers more and be better for our economy.  

As long as our PM is out of touch, we’ll be out of pocket. In the middle of a cost of living crisis that is leaving us all poorer and pushing millions of us into poverty, the candidates to be our next PM need to hear from us. It’s clear that politicians aren’t going to do what’s needed unless they feel the pressure. 

It’s time for everyone to rise up to make our next PM listen up: raise pay and put an end to this crisis. Will you take a minute and email the candidates to be our next PM now?  

The cost of living is killing our services. Together we rise to demand an end to the pay crisis. 

Thank you for being involved. 

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