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Welcome to the home page for the UNISON EA Thames Branch website, your Branch Executive uses this site to help keep you informed and to encourage you to become more active, both within the branch and the union more widely. We wish to extend a supporting hand and a message of solidarity to everyone!. All of the benefits of employment that we have today, have been hard won over hundreds of years of trades unionism and the struggle of workers to both have a voice and to use the power of their labour and collectivism, to improve their lives and fight inequality!

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As we head into a period of Industrial Action, fighting back over 12 years of austerity and reductions in our living standards, it is important that we show each other solidarity and also other workers affected by the same cost of living crisis and attacks on their terms and working conditions, Furthermore, we extend our solidarity to unions and workers around the globe, who suffer injustice, intolerance and inequality, together we can make each other stronger and the world a better place!

It is not just at times of strife and industrial conflict that solidarity is important, it is a driver in the good times too, it is about supporting each other to grow, flourish and be ourselves, a time when we can contribute to the activities of the union and create a sense of improved wellbeing. We will always need solidarity and the organisation that this enables, as you never know what’s around the corner, or who might need our support and encouragement. To the side you will find a couple of links to sites that help you appreciate how solidarity can easily be given, with just a tweet or message of support!


UK Strike Map – Strike Map allows you to view the current position as to who is on strike and where! This shows you that you are not alone in you struggle and also provides an opportunity to support and show solidarity to other members of unions who are striking.

UNISON International Solidarity – find out how UNISON collaborates and supports unions in other countries through practical solidarity, against authoritarian and oppressive regimes.


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Many modern smart phones and computers will allow you to connect directly to internet calendars. Using this you can get a live feed from our Branch events calendar.

You should be able to copy-and-paste this link to your calendar: https://eathames-unison.org.uk/feed/eo-events. You may need to refer to your device’s instructions/help files or search for guidance on-line (e.g. ‘How to Subscribe to an Internet Calendar’).

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