Race Equality Week

7th – 13th February is the UK’s 2nd Race Equality Week since its’ launch last year by Race Equality Matters.  Race Equality Matters (REM) was launched following the continuing Black Lives Matter protests (BLM) across the globe, sparked by the death of George Floyd and the tragic impact COVID 19 inequalities had on minority ethnic communities.  REM is a valuable source of information and provides companies with a network of other like-minded organisations that are committed to tackling racism in the workplace.  REM albeit a charitable organisation, is committed to providing employers with the tools needed to create a Safe Space for organisations to start difficult conversations. It aims to increase awareness, eliminate race discrimination, create a zero-tolerance working environment and make workplaces more inclusive. 

UNISON has registered with REM and is now working closely with REM and other like-minded organisations to learn best practice in terms of eliminating discrimination in all its forms in the workplace wherever it occurs.  We promise to take discrimination seriously and to work towards an inclusive working environment.  

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