The cost-of-living crisis is deepening – we must fight back

The cost-of-living crisis is deepening and as the UK’s biggest trade union, we must fight back. Together, we must make our voice heard and let the government know hard-working UNISON members will not pay the price of this crisis.

If the Tories can find the money to write off almost £10bn paid for dodgy contracts, for useless or non-existent PPE, or nearly £5bn in fraudulent claims from employers for covid loans, then they can find the money to give public sector workers a decent pay increase.

I’m asking everyone in UNISON to work with me to get this message out. We need to let people know that UNISON members, who’ve made sacrifices to get this country through the pandemic, will not foot the cost of this government’s mistakes.

Will you share this message now?

Watch Christina speaking at the womans conference

I’m leading UNISON’s work at the TUC and working with our sister unions to build power across our movement. Together, we will force governments to take action.

As this campaign progresses I’ll be in touch again with more ways you can help.

Thank you,

Signed, Christina McAnea


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